Rock Steady Boxing Seattle offers monthly, annual and one-day passes. Monthly passes are set up with autopay from your debit or credit card, and must be cancelled at least 5 days before the renewal date. Checks are accepted, but payments received more than 3 days after the renewal date are subject to a $10 late fee, and fighter are responsible for keeping track of their renewal date. Any fighters whose accounts become more than one class delinquent will be required to have a credit card on file plus paperwork that allows us to use the card to cover class fees. Annual and one-day passes can be paid via card or check.


Monthly passes can be cancelled with at least 5 days notice before the renewal date. Annual passes may be cancelled, but refunds of unused time will be based on the lesser discount given monthly members rather than the top-level discount given annual members, unless cancellation is due to inability to continue due to health (doctor’s letter required), death of member or a move 50 miles or more away from the facility, in which case refund of unused time will be based on annual member discount.

Corner men + women

There are two tiers of corner men + women. Those who are ready and capable to act as assistants when necessary, helping not only the fighter they know, but also others: This requires having the strength and balance to help with transfers. These assistants are welcome to take the class at no cost. The other tier is people who just want to train with their friend or family member who has Parkinson’s, who are required to pay usual class rates.

Everyone, including corner men + women, who participates in a class must

  • sign up and
  • complete and deliver paperwork prior to the class.

Coaches may also require an assessment of corner men + women.

Getting geared up

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get geared up so that you are ready when class starts. Coaches and assistants are happy to help you learn how to do your wraps, or put them on for you if you are having a tough time, but we are unable to do so once class starts.


See our privacy policy page for details.


BJJ Factoria owners do not allow shoes on blue or blue/grey (by bags) mats, and exceptions will only be made for those who need orthopedic shoes, wear those orthopedic shoes only at the gym (never outside) and are able to provide a doctor’s note of the requirement. Boxing and/or other martial arts shoes are not an exception: They still damage the mats, so are prohibited by the gym owners.